Cloak & Dagger: Spies on Screen

Wednesday, October 3 – Thursday, October 11, 2012

With a brand new James Bond film on the horizon, we turn our thoughts to the other great spies who have appeared on screen. This series offers a brief survey of all sorts of cinematic cloak and dagger from across most of film history. Before Bond popularized the spy as a hero, spies were mostly bad guys pitted against ‘everyman’ protagonists in films like NORTH BY NORTHWEST and MINISTRY OF FEAR. After Bond premiered in 1962, however, spies became popular heroes – from gritty spooks like Harry Palmer in THE IPCRESS FILE, to over-the-top spoofs like Dean Martin’s turn as Matt Helm, to reality-based desk-jockeys in films like THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. We even take time to celebrate some more recent espionage movies – like the wildly popular BOURNE IDENTITY and last-year’s arthouse hit TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY.