Noir City: Boston 2018

Presented by the Film Noir Foundation and the Brattle

Friday, June 8 – Sunday, June 10, 2018

We at the Brattle couldn’t be more excited to team up with the fine folks at the Film Noir Foundation to present the first ever NOIR CITY: BOSTON! These wonderful celebrations of the dark art of noir filmmaking have been happening around the country for decades and it seems totally nutso that the Brattle has never participated – but we’re fixing that for good this year. Film Noir Foundation honcho and Turner Classic Movies host Eddie Muller will be on hand to introduce a spectacular selection of films he has handpicked featuring femme fatales, drunken private eyes, and enough depraved criminals to sink the Queen Mary. These 5 double bills from the classic noir period of (1942 to 1950) recreate the A & B filmgoing experience of the era – and feature work from many key talents of the genre … but, most importantly, they are all exceptional entertainment!

We’ll be going real old-school for these films offering double-feature-only tickets for each pair.

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The Glass Key

Street of Chance

Murder, My Sweet

Strangers in the Night

The Killers

So Dark the Night

Force of Evil

The Guilty

Try and Get Me! (aka The Sound of Fury)