Universal Pictures: Celebrating 100 Years

Friday, November 2 – Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Brattle is absolutely thrilled to be the exclusive Boston-area stop for this American Express-sponsored, UCLA-organized tour that celebrates the 100-year history of Universal Pictures. It’s practically unprecedented for the Brattle to devote an entire month to a single series (the last time we did it was for Janus Films’ 50th birthday) but we’ve done just that for Universal, including over 50 films – many of them in new or restored 35mm prints.

Founded in April 1912 as the Universal Film Manufacturing Company, the entity now known as Universal Pictures was the brainchild of Carl Laemmle, a German immigrant who was a theater owner himself. Laemmle’s films were, for the most part, cheap by necessity – he refused to incur debt to make a film – but many of them were remarkably successful. Now, of course, Universal Pictures is a worldwide brand with theme parks and merchandise. It’s easy to forget what has brought it to this state. In the end, it is the values that Carl Laemmle began the company with 100 years ago: to create entertaining films, on a budget, that have truly universal appeal.

The UNIVERSAL PICTURES: CELEBRATING 100 YEARS program is presented by American Express in association with UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Please see below for the full lineup.