Business Support

The selection of high quality and diverse programs at The Brattle Theatre provide a broad range of opportunities for corporate partnerships.

Gifts from corporations support the Brattle Film Foundation’s mission of providing a wide-range of film programs for the community at The Brattle Theatre. Your company could join this list of prestigious businesses.

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The Brattle Film Foundation can also accept donations of appreciable assets. For more information please contact Ivy Moylan, executive director, at (617) 876-8021, or use the form on our Contact page.

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Audience Profile

The Brattle Film Foundation’s programs attract over 50,000 people annually, most of whom are residents of Greater Boston—some travel from as far as Maine and Rhode Island. Our audience is as diverse as our programming, ranging from film novice to aficionado, young to old. The Brattle’s members and general audience are young, educated, artistic and international. 40% of our audience is between 25–29 years old and either work or live in Cambridge

They are either skilled professionals—scientists, programmers, designers, and artists—or graduate or doctoral students with flexible schedules. They use the Brattle calendar and website as the main program resource and decide to attend a film at least 24 hours in advance. They are committed to their community; many are active in local and national politics.

Our audience is comprised of sophisticated moviegoers, who favorably compare The Brattle Theatre to a range of other—in many cases larger—cinemas in cities such as New York, Toronto and Los Angeles. The Brattle is a destination for them.

Our audience trusts us to provide high-quality film programming and exciting special events. Brattle Film Foundation

Awards and Honors

  • BOSTON MAGAZINE’s 2003, 2006 and 2007 Best Of Boston award for “Movie Theater, Independent”
  • Since 2001, 14 citations for our repertory series and re-discoveries from the Boston Society of Film Critics
  • Awarded “Best Art House Cinema/Series” for 7 years consecutively by THE BOSTON PHOENIX Readers’ Poll
  • LET’S GO series of travel guidebooks, officially recommended location since 2003
  • In 2007, the Brattle Film Foundation premiered 18 features and presented 24 repertory series. Five of our premieres ended up on film critics’ end-of-year Top 10 Lists and we received a special commendation from the Boston Society of Film Critics for our three-week “Welcome to the Grindhouse” repertory series.


  • Between 2001 and 2007, the Brattle Film Foundation garnered more than 54 three-and-a-half and four-star reviews for films as diverse as David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE, Wim Wenders’ Million Dollar Hotel, and Vittorio de Sica’s classic Umberto D
  • Frequent articles (approximately 10 per month) covering our programming in local (from Boston Magazine to community newspapers) and national publications (Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Box Office, etc.)
  • Regularly mentioned in the activity columns of all local papers and magazines, from the Boston Globe’s Sidekick to the Improper Bostonian as well as local blogs such as Bostonist