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2020 • dir Hayden J. Weal w/Thomas Sainsbury, Hayden J. Weal, Tomai Ihaia • 90 min

We’re kicking off the Halloween season with a special one-week run of this charming horror/comedy from New Zealand. A hapless stoner nicknamed Marbles (Sainsbury) has discovered a drug cocktail that allows him to speak with the recently deceased and he hires out this talent to those looking for closure with their loved ones. When he is tracked down by the spirit of a gung-ho cop (Weal), murdered while on the trail of a serial killer, Marbles finds himself acting as a proxy investigator… and in grave danger. Following in the footsteps of Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, DEAD treats its horror roots with respect but still milks every situation for an awkward laugh. The film has a low-key spirit and, despite some clumsy moments that lean a bit too heavily on caricaturish stereotypes, the film ultimately has its (dark) heart in the right place.

“This teeny-weeny ghosts and ghouls story uses all the tricks of the filmmaker’s trade to make this heart-warming and very entertaining film look and feel great. It’s helped by a tight simple premise, great performances and a cracking script.”
– Kate Rodger, Newshub (NZ)