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A portion of proceeds from these programs benefits The Brattle

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A portion of proceeds from these programs benefits The Brattle


NATIONTIME bannerNATIONTIME is the long-lost film that William Greaves made about the National Black Political Convention of 1972, when 10,000 black politicians, activists and artists went to Gary, Indiana, to forge a national unity platform in advance of the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions… Read more →

SWEETGRASS bannerAn unsentimental elegy to the American West, SWEETGRASS follows the last modern-day cowboys to lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana’s breathtaking and often dangerous Absaroka-Beartooth mountains for summer pasture… Read more →

HAM ON RYE bannerSomething like a DIY David Lynch version of Dazed and Confused, Tyler Taormina’s lo-fi, high-concept film examines that ineffable moment when suburban teens either ‘get out’ or stay stuck in their smalltown lives… Read more →

ONCE UPON A RIVER bannerWritten and directed by Haroula Rose, this midwestern gothic Americana story is, in the words of Jane Smiley for The New York Times, “an excellent American parable about the consequences of our favorite ideal, freedom.” Read more →


NATIVE SON bannerOne of the most controversial novels of its day, Richard Wright’s Native Son (first published in 1940) exposed the injustices of urban African-American life. When it was initially released in the U.S. in 1951, NATIVE SON was heavily censored by regional censor boards wherever it played and was rarely, if ever, screened in its entirety. Read more →



THE DOCYARD PRESENTS COLLECTIVE bannerA masterpiece of an investigation with an unfailing commitment to transparency, Collective opens with cellphone footage of the deadly Colectiv nightclub fire in Bucharest. After this brief prologue, however, the film jumps forward in time to after Romania’s prime minister resigned as a result of the fallout, taking as its subject a subsequent scandal about the shocking mortality rates of victims after they reached hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Read more →

CINEMA '62 A-GO-GO bannerIn a variety show format, CINEMA ‘62 A-GO-GO re-examines 1962 in film, music, and everything in between as we delve into the cultural context of this pivotal year in cinema – with special guests, cocktails of the era, major amounts of music, prophetic politics… and even a little dancing. Read more →

FEELS GOOD MAN bannerWinner of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker Award, the profoundly thought-provoking documentary FEELS GOOD MAN about the Internet’s appropriation of artist Matt Furie’s originally kind character Pepe the Frog will return September 25-27 with three exclusive online screenings. Read more →

FAUST bannerFamed Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer is one of cinema’s most distinctive and influential animators. He also happens to be a favorite of Brattle programming, so we are pleased to present this streaming debut of one of his most engaging features. Read more →

VINYL NATION bannerThe vinyl record renaissance over the past decade has brought new fans to a classic format and transformed our idea of a record collector: younger, both male and female, multicultural. This same revival has made buying music more expensive, benefited established bands over independent artists and muddled the question of whether vinyl actually sounds better than other formats. Read more →

THE HOLE bannerA prizewinner at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, THE HOLE is set in Taipei slightly in the future – just prior to the dawn of the 21st century. The vaguely sci-fi story follows two residents of a quickly crumbling building who refuse to leave their homes in spite of a bizarre virus that has forced the evacuation of the area. Read more →

GHOST TROPIC bannerAfter work one night, Khadija (Bentaïeb), a fifty-eight-year-old Maghrebi cleaning woman living in Brussels, falls asleep on the last subway train, wakes up at the end of the line, and has no choice but to make her way home—all the way across the city—on foot. Read more →

FEELS GOOD MAN bannerWinner of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker Award, FEELS GOOD MAN is the profoundly thought-provoking documentary about the Internet’s appropriation of artist Matt Furie’s originally kind character, Pepe the Frog. Read more →

DESERT ONE bannerUsing new archival sources and unprecedented access to key players on both sides, master documentarian Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA) reveals the true story behind one of the most daring rescues in modern US history: a secret mission to free the hostages captured during the 1979 Iranian revolution. Read more →

JAZZ ON A SUMMER'S DAY bannerFilmed at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island and directed by world-renowned photographer Bert Stern, JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY features intimate performances by an all-star line-up of musical legends. Read more →

YOU NEVER HAD IT: AN EVENING WITH BUKOWSKI bannerAn evening of drinking, smoking, and talking with the irreverent poet Charles Bukowski in his SanPedro, California home in 1981 is recalled after the re-discovery of long-thought-lost videotapes documenting the moment.. Read more →

IT'S A DISASTER bannerEight friends meet for their monthly “couples brunch.” But what starts as an impromptu therapy session and airing of domestic grievances takes a sudden, catastrophic turn when the city falls victim to a mysterious attack. Trapped in the house and unsure of their fates, these seemingly normal people become increasingly and hilariously unhinged. Read more →

Furie bannerWhen a little girl is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, they soon find they messed with the wrong child. Her mother, a notorious former gang leader, is close on their trail and will go to any lengths to bring her daughter home. Read more →

banner adIn this exhilarating coming-of-age film, two teenage best friends in 1994 Scotland risk everything to attend an illegal rave being put on to protest the “Criminal Justice and Public Order Act” which outlawed unlicensed dance parties. Read more →

banner adAcademy Award and Golden Globe nominee, SHANGHAI TRIAD is a thrilling and sumptuously stylized potboiler about the Chinese criminal underworld of the 1930’s from legendary director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers). Read more →

banner adELLA FITZGERALD: JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS follows the singer’s extraordinary journey over six decades as her sublime voice transforms the tragedies of her own life and the troubles of her times into joy. Read more →

The Killing Floor bannerYou may remember Bill Duke as an actor in such genre classics as Predator and Mandy but he is also an accomplished director with over 60 credits to his name (including Deep Cover and A Rage in Harlem). Read more →

Chessboxing banner RZA—acclaimed rapper, producer, director and co-founder of 36 Chambers—and Dan Halsted—head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre—will provide live commentary during this special presentation.

Pioneers bannerPioneers of Queer Cinema features new restorations of 3 “way ahead of their times” classics, MÄDCHEN IN UNIFORM, MICHAEL, and VICTOR AND VICTORIA.

Shirley bannerRenowned horror writer Shirley Jackson is on the precipice of writing her masterpiece when the arrival of newlyweds upends her meticulous routine and heightens tensions in her already tempestuous relationship with her philandering husband.

Joan of Arc bannerWriter/director Bruno Dumont’s decision to work with a ten-year-old actress as Joan of Arc re-injects this heroine’s timeless cause and ideology with a modernity that highlights the stark contrast between the old men in power and the seemingly frail girl confronting them.

Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself bannerPLIMPTON! STARRING GEORGE PLIMPTON AS HIMSELF is a film that joyfully celebrates a life lived fully, richly and strangely. In fact, for many, it’s difficult to imagine this life was lived by just one man.

Shogun Assassin bannerRZA—acclaimed rapper, producer, director and co-founder of 36 Chambers—and Dan Halsted—head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre—will provide live commentary during this special Memorial Day Weekend presentation.

Lucky Grandma bannerIn this comedic crime film, the charismatic Tsai Chin (Joy Luck Club, You Only Live Twice) plays a supremely feisty Chinese grandma living in New York City.

The Ghost of Peter Sellers bannerIn the vein of Burden of Dreams and Lost in La Mancha, renowned filmmaker Peter Medak (The Changeling, The Ruling Class) takes us on a deep dive into the worst, most hellish production of his life.

Fourteen bannerThis wonderfully intimate and brilliantly acted film follows the dissolution of a childhood friendship over the course of a decade.

In 1991 a group of countercultural visionaries built an enormous replica of earth’s ecosystem called Biosphere 2. Eight “biospherians” lived inside.

Cambridge Dinner & Movie Night banner

This devestatingly gorgeous film from Portuguese master Pedro Costa takes us on a journey into the inky, sparsely-lit world of its title character.

Set in a mining town in the 1880s, THOUSAND PIECES OF GOLD is based on the classic novel by Ruthanne Lum McCunn with a screenplay by award-winning filmmaker Anne Makepeace (Tribal Justice).

Quentin Dupieux’s DEERSKIN is a surreal dive into mid-life crisis starring Jean Dujardin (The Artist) as Georges, a man with an unnatural attachment to a vintage deerskin jacket.

Patricio Guzman’s THE CORDILLERA OF DREAMS is the third and final entry in the great documentarian’s ongoing examination into the history, landscape, and spirit of his native Chile.

Gabrielle d’Annunzio’s passionate novel is brought to life in the final masterpiece from acclaimed director Luchino Visconti (The Leopard).

Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, this Brazilian sex comedy follows the strange events that befall Doña Flor (a magnetic Sonia Braga in her breakout role) after she is left a widow by the death of her philandering, cruel, and irresponsible husband.